I was stuck in the Ft. Lauderdale airport for three + hours so i started to work on the most asked for blog from y’all!! I don’t know about everyone else, but every single time I’m looking for something to wear to a wedding i fall in love with all the white dresses!!??! At least i will have plenty of white options whenever i get married in ten years!!

Below are photos and links to the dresses i found. I decided to do formal and beachy looks this go around. I feel like some of the beachy dresses can be dressed up and some of the formal can be (somewhat) dressed down. Trying to keep it as versatile as possible for y'all!!! 

Before you shop - I want to make a little reminder about the split links because as you know (if you've been around) i'm figuring things out. I didn't realize that if you also create a split account you can make cash back on your purchases through the links i post on here. Once you have up to $20 it goes into your paypal. So its a win win for the both of us. 

Happy wedding season and HAPPYYYYY SHOPPING!!! ;)