Hi everyone! Welcome to EKD and thank you for being here. This is the first “blog” post i have ever written!! Excuse the grammar, i am not a writer in the least bit and tend to write how i talk. The only pieces of writing that i’ve ever been praised for were the breakup text i used to write for my friends to send to their (ex) boyfriends in college.

ANYWAYS - I have been listening to podcast, researching, talking to friends and family and more to figure out how i can take EKD to the next level. I want EKD to be more of an experience and not just jewelry. So a lil blogging is where we ended up!

Instagram has been such a great tool for my business and I’ve watched my sales and customers triple in the last year or so. And if i don’t say this enough - i love y’all. I love this community of women that i get to interact with on a daily basis. Having relationships with my customers is the most important thing to me.

So this is where i get to the main point (every blog won’t be this wordy). Y’all direct message me on Instagram for links to what I’m wearing, things I’m cooking with, my greens, and etc. which has a helped my Instagram account with the algorithm that’s FOREVER changing. I will continue to have the links on my Instagram, but also on here every month with even more details. 
My favorite outfits, things I’ve bought, and more will be below with links and descriptions!!! 

One day I’ll apply to LTK again but I’m boycotting them for the time being!! Okay I’m blabbing!! Happy shopping!! Love y’all!!!! 

ASOS Smock Dress:
I got the size 6 and it has room. I could of maybe for in the size 4. ASOS fits everyone so differently. Would recommend sizing up with them always. 
EKD Jewels To Match: 

ZAFUL Green Mini Dress: 
I got a size large in this and will wear it with nude sandals or white tennis shoes.
EKD Jewels To Match: https://emilykearnsdesigns.com/products/18-gold-filled-chain?_pos=2&_sid=96be251ae&_ss=r

ZAFUL Floral Mini Dress:
I got a large in this dress. Same as above - I’ll wear sandals or white sneakers with it and maybe a jean jacket!!!
ASOS Purple Dress:
I got a size 4 in this dress. Loved the length and color. The purple is SO PRETTY!! Apparently purple and green are the colors this spring/summer season.
Abercrombie Mom Shorts:
The best shorts of all time. I had a friend introduce me to these and they are a great length for those not trying to show their entire booty. Sometimes the 4” is too long, but seriously these are great. 

Abercrombie Bodysuit:
I really can’t say one bad thing about Abercrombie. They are my all time favorite for basics. I got a size small in the jumpsuit and it fits perfect. I have a square neck top in white and black from here too and quality is chefs kiss. 
Target Puff Sleeve Dress:
Wore this dress to work and then easter. It’s one of my new favs and will be on constant rotation. They have three other colors im dying to get, but they are sold out. On the waitlist for the other colors and will let y’all know when they are back in stock!! I got a size small and would recommend getting your normal
ASOS Nude Heels:
I got these to go with a few of my dresses. I still wear my “chuegy” target/steve madden strappy heels but these mix things up a little bit. Got the size 39 and i’m a size 7 shoe. 

Bembien Chloe Bag: 
I love this bag. The handles, size, color, and literally everything about it. Goes perfect with any beach outfit!!


Because i don’t gate keep and every single girl needs to know about this underwear/bra duo. I’m not a huge Kardashian person, but SKIMS is hands down the best ever. I got seven pairs of the underwear and go though them and wash them immediately so that i can put them on again. It’s THAT. GOOD.

SKIMS Fits Everyone Triangle Bralette 
I have the size small in this bra. I have to emphasize that i have no boobs. I’m a 32A and on a good day a 32B. I only wear this bra with my errand clothes and when i’m around the house in my pajamas. It is SO SO SO COMFORTABLE and i can’t say that enough!!! 
SKIMS Fits Everyone Thong 
Just like the above bralette. Most comfortable undergarments ever. You’ll do the same thing as me - wear, wash, repeat. Trust me. 

Non Clothing Links:

1UP Greens & Reds:
The greens i use on a daily basis. These have been my best selling link through April. We love girls that are all about self care!!!! 10/10 recommend the passion fruit flavor. 
Blume Milk Frother: 
When mixing up your greens you need a frother. I don’t like the chalky taste so i froth for about three minutes in 10oz of water. Every single night 👏🏼👏🏼


Revolve Milk Frother: 
For the bujeeeeee milk frother gals! This one is so cute. 


Ganni Pastel Socks:

Link: https://spl.it/61lYNk

I’m one of those people that takes my bra off as soon as i get home (unless it’s skims) and then puts on my socks and fat pants. These socks are a vibe and i love the colors!!

Falke Active Socks 
The best breathable workout socks. My washer or dryer ate the only pair i had so i just purchased two more. 


ANDDDDD that concludes the first EKD blog post/links! We end on socks!!?? But socks that are worth the price, promise. Follow me on instagram at @emilykearnsdesigns to watch me talk and try on the items that i have purchased throughout the rest of April. I’ll go into even more detail on how i style them with jewelry, shoes, accessories and also what kind of events i wear them to. 

I will be posting a new blog every month matching ekd jewelry up with various clothing styles and things i am reviewing from my own personal wardrobe.  

This is a work in progress so feedback is welcome - you can reach me through my website, instagram, or email!

Love y’all and this little biz so much!!!